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Top Scientists Confirms Life After Death

Well, we already knew this because we read the Bible!  But still, it’s always nice to see science catching up.

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The concept of life after death is rarely viewed as being within the realms of science, but one of the world’s top scientist has introduced his theory of biocentrism that reportedly proves there is.

Professor Robert Lanza has spoken out about his quantum theory that says the evidence lies in the idea that the concept of death is a mere figment of our consciousness.

Lanza explains that the universe only exists because of an individual’s consciousness of it, essentially saying that life and biology are central to that reality.

He works on the basis that it is this reality made up of life that creates the universe, not that the universe creates life.

Professor Lanza extends this idea to concepts of space and time, which he describes as ‘simply tools of the mind’.

The reason he says this is evidence of life after death is because, according to his theory, the idea of dying is something we have been taught to accept, but in reality it only exists in our minds.

Writing on a blog on his website, Professor Lanza said:

Our instinctual understanding of reality is the same as most other animals. This came into focus the other day as I strolled though a nearby field, stirring up butterflies and creatures of all shapes and colours.

There were wildflowers that were brilliant yellow, some that were red and others that were iridescent purple. This colourful world of up-and-down was the extent of my reality.

Of course, to a mouse or a dog, that world of reds, greens and blues didn‘t exist anymore than the ultraviolet and infrared world (experienced by bees and snakes) did for me.

In fact, some animals, including birds, possess magnetoreceptors that allow them to perceive information on the quantum level (indeed, some have even speculated that bees perceive a 6-dimensional reality to encode location information).

Speaking about what happens at the point of death, he continued:

At death there‘s a break in our linear stream of consciousness, and thus a break in the linear connection of times and places. Indeed, biocentrism suggests it‘s a manifold that leads to all physical possibilities.

More and more physicists are beginning to accept the “many-worlds” interpretation of quantum physics, which states that there are an infinite number of universes.

Everything that can possibly happen occurs in some universe. Death doesn‘t exist in these scenarios, since all of them exist simultaneously regardless of what happens in any of them.

The “me” feeling is just energy operating in the brain. But energy never dies; it cannot be destroyed.

Think of a football field full of stacks of DVDs piled up to the sky. At death, you‘ll even get to watch some re-makes — perhaps in one, you‘ll get that dream wedding dress you always wanted, or a doctor cures the disease that caused your loved one to die.

The story goes on even after J.R. gets shot. Our linear concept of time means nothing to nature.


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Top Scientists Confirms Life After Death

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